About us

Axzon is the world leader in RFID battery-free wireless sensor products and the inventor and patent owner of the technology.

Axzon's encryption technology
protects user’s data & guarantees
integrity of the data

Axzon's sensors are used to wirelessly monitor temperatures and moisture levels without the need for external power making them ideal solutions in multiple applications. These RFID battery-free wireless sensor generates highly valuable data that can then be integrated into any organization’s enterprise management systems automating the monitoring of products and critical systems. As these sensors require no external power and transmit data wirelessly, they are a great component of many Industry 4.0 and IoT platforms.

Axzon's encryption technology protects user’s data by guaranteeing secure communication between Axzon sensors and an authenticated readers, while guaranteeing integrity of the data.

Join our many Ecosystem of partners and explore how Axzon's RFID battery-free wireless sensor technology can provide the critical business insights that your business needs.


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