We bring intelligence to all Endpoints

Our sensing solutions now make it possible to connect "everything" and bring intelligence to every "endpoint" in a system.

Our patented sensors technology requires no batteries or wires and communicates wirelessly to a reader over a distance of as much as 19 meters. Now, temperature and moisture data can be collected and wirelessly transmitted to a local hub or cloud platform for analysis and action.

With our low cost Peel"N"Stick sensor attaching them exactly to where you need to gather data (endpoints) is now possible.


Magnus sensors are available in two versions Magnus M3D and M3E.

With both series of Magnus sensors temperature can be measured with better than 0.2°C resolution from -40°C to +125°C and with absolute accuracy better than +/- 1°C from 0C to 80C and +/- 3°C over the extended range.

Additionally, M3D uses the Chameleon™ engine that generates a SENSOR CODE that quantifies the adaptive RF impedance setting used to match the sensor antenna. With a properly design antenna, the Chameleon™ engine can function as an RF sensor and is commonly used in this way to measure moisture. This value can be translated into a measurement of the environmental conditions being sensed or monitored by antenna. This is particularly useful for monitoring moisture levels.

The Magnus M3E is an Extended Range version of Magnus S3D without the Chameleon™ Auto-Tuning Engine.


Axzon sensors are available in three styles, flexible Peel”N”Stick flexible tag,
rugged hard tags and in a packaged QFN or bumped die on wafer.

Flexible Peel N Stick Logger

The AZN5200, Peel ”N” Stick label, is a full-featured temperature logger & UHF RFID transceiver based on Axzon’s Opus™ IC. AZN5200 low-cost label style temperature sensor is used for wirelessly tracking temperature sensitive products through the logistics supply chain.

Flexible Peel N Stick Visual Indicator

Powered by Magnus® 3LED Locator RFID Transponder IC, fully compliant UHF RAIN tag with capability of lighting a LED in response to a select command. Can be read by class 1 gen 2 v2 and ISO/ IEC 18000-63 compliant readers, and the LED can be controlled using a protocol compliant select command.

Flexible Peel”N”Stick Sensor

Axzon's flexible Peel ”N” Stick sensors are wireless battery-free sensors that are designed to measure temperature and moisture in many applications and environments, and can easily be attached to almost any metal or non-metal surface.

Rugged Hard

Axzon's rugged hard sensors are passive, wireless temperature sensors that are designed to for industrial type applications and require on- metal mounting and the sensor maybe operated in a hostile environment.

This rugged sensor can be used in many applications including switchgear contact assemblies, cable heads, busbars, Power distribution Units (PDUs), Ring main Units (RMUs) and other applications where metal surfaces are common. 

Packaged QFN or Bumped Die on Wafer

Axzon's flexible or rugged hard sensors not suitable for your application? Then design your own. We can supply either our M3D or M3E in die form bumped and on a wafer or in tape and reel in a QFN style package.

These die or packaged sensors can be attached to antennas and integrated into many other products to provide a fully integrated wireless sensor solution.


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