In this connected world, sensor data drives valuable insights that drive business decisions.

In this connected world, sensor data drives valuable insights that drive business decisions. With our sensors solutions, you can monitor fundamental parameters of temperature, and moisture. Our sensors go where few sensors have gone before. They’re wireless, surpassingly small, and don't need batteries, making them economical to deploy in new and exciting applications. See how our sensors and systems have been applied across several industries, and let us know how we can help you apply this unique technology to help you connect the unconnected.

Examples of just some of the industries and applications we serve

Cold Chain

Our sensors monitor temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals and other materials during transport and storage. Temperature sensitive bio-pharma drugs now make up more than half of the top pharmaceuticals on the market. These important drugs are easily damaged during transport unless their temperatures stay within a critical range.


Our sensing solutions bring SMART manufacturing tools to the automotive assembly line. Real-time data helps to find assembly issues before vehicles leave the factory. No one wants to see problems with their vehicle. Unfortunately, 3% or more of vehicles leave the factory with leaks and assembly defects. We can all benefit from better quality and lower repair costs with Smart Passive Sensing.

Predictive Maintenance

Our predictive maintenance solutions keep maintenance teams informed about factory and plant equipment condition so they can see issues coming before failure strikes. We realize how important it is for you to keep your industrial operations efficient and safe. Reduce operating expenses by 25% when you diagnose issues early and plan repairs. Knowing means fewer crisis mode repairs.

Electric Power Distribution

Monitoring high-voltage electrical equipment at utilities and factories is incredibly risky to the people and equipment involved. Our continuous condition monitoring solutions, provide maintenance teams with critical insight into equipment conditions before they start opening access panels and doors. Let us show you how you can protect your people and critical equipment while improving up-time KPIs.

Data Centers

Data centers are more than just rows of servers. They’re packed with high-power industrial equipment designed to keep the servers running and the data flowing. Keeping this equipment running safely and reliably is a challenging task, especially when equipment failure means unplanned downtime. We offer unique power and equipment monitoring sensors as well as systems that help ensure efficient and dependable operations.


Wireless battery free sensors are a perfect fit for use in
healthcare as there are no wires or toxic batteries required for
them to function. Additionally, as the use of remote health
monitoring and diagnosis expands low cost and easily deployed
sensors play an import role in digital health. Other use case
examples are:


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