Data Centers

Data centers are more than just rows of servers. They’re packed with high-power industrial equipment designed to keep the servers humming. Keeping this equipment running safely and reliably is a challenging task, especially when equipment failure means unplanned downtime. We offer unique power and equipment monitoring sensors and systems that help ensure efficient and dependable operations.

Our long-read-range temperature sensors are made for direct attachment to electric power distribution busbars to monitor for pending failures. The electric power that feeds those busbars comes from large electric switching equipment and circuit breakers. These large switching circuits are housed in metal cabinets and are dangerous to operate and inspect. Our switchgear monitoring system has been certified and tested for use in the harsh environment inside this equipment.

AZN3240 Long-Range Wireless Temperature Sensor

  • Switchgear monitoring
  • Electric busbar monitoring
  • Data centers
  • Factory mains
Data Center
  • Battery-free equipment monitoring
    The AZN3240 is built with wireless Smart Passive Sensing™ technology that forms a battery-free and maintenance-free temperature sensor. This rugged sensor monitors electric distribution and switching equipment temperatures. Applications include utility-grade electric power distribution, factory and industrial electric service switchgear and other applications where metal surfaces are common.
  • Rugged design for use on-metal
    The AZN3240 incorporates a rugged antenna design for harsh environments subject to temperature extremes. the AZN3240 is designed for use on-metal surfaces, including electrical distribution busbars. The integrated RF antenna harvests energy for the temperature sensing function, as well as communicates with a RAIN/UHF compliant reader. The integrated antenna is suitable for use on metal surfaces.
  • Compatibility
    The AZN3240 is available in FCC and ETSI/EU frequency ranges. The AZN3240 requires a RAIN/UHF compliant reader. These sensors can be purchased separately or as part of a system.
  • Wireless temperature sensing
    The AZN3240 has a normal operating temperature range of -40°C to +85 °C. This covers the typical operating temperatures of most equipment over a range of environmental operating conditions. The AZN3240 reports temperatures beyond its normal operating range to as high as +125 °C, although prolonged operation at such an elevated temperature is not recommended.
  • Key Features
    -Read range 19 meters
    -Normal temperature range 
    -40 °C to +85 °C
    -High-temperature alarm 
    up to +125 °C
    -Sensor size 
    50 x 52.5 x 3.55 mm
    -Battery-free design

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