Flexible Peel & Stick Logger

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The AZN5200, Peel & Stick label, is a full-featured temperature logger & UHF RFID transceiver based on Axzon’s Opus™ IC. AZN5200 low-cost label style temperature sensor is used for wirelessly tracking temperature sensitive products through the logistics supply chain.


Full-Featured Temperature Logger ​
Records temperature data throughout the product's journey, providing invaluable insights into temperature-sensitive products​
Enables wireless access to data logs at waypoints in the logistics channel or via handheld readers, enhancing traceability and monitoring capabilities ​

Configurable Log Period​
Adjustable log period from 1 sec to 8 hours to accommodate short or long logging needs

Enhanced Data Security​
Utilizes encryption to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of logged data, providing trusted and authenticated data​

Anti-Tamper ​
Detects and logs physical damage to the tag, or unauthorized attempt to access data without proper credentials, or exposure to light​

Long Battery Life​
Printed battery integrated into the logger, optimized for power required for application, and highly reconfigurable to accommodate battery capacity​

Ambient Light Detection​
Anti-tamper log and notification indicating whether the tag is exposed to light​

​LED Status Indicator​
Visually alerts users of any deviation from conditions established in the cold chain, i.e. temperature deviation, tamper thresholds, indicating product has been exposed to unacceptable conditions​
Powerful human visual interaction feature eliminating the need for any logistic infrastructure to identify violation or lack thereof​

FingerSpot™ Sensor​
Allows users to initiate temperature logging, by touching the FingerSpot on the logger​
Powerful human touch interaction feature eliminating the need for any RF logistic infrastructure to arm logger and monitor condition ​

FingerSpot™ Tamper Detection​
This dual-purpose human touch interface, enables the user to check the alarm status using the visual indicator LED​

EPC encoding, according to the “GS1 R1.0 Foodservice RFID Guide”​
EPC digital twin to identify, track inventory​
Locate origin of the product​
Recall, FDA required track and trace​
FEFO (First Expired First Out) is utilized to locate the oldest sample​

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