Wireless battery free sensors are a perfect fit for use in healthcare as there are no wires or toxic batteries required for them to function. Additionally, as the use of remote health monitoring and diagnosis expands low cost and easily deployed sensors play an import role in digital health.
Other use case examples are:

-Vaccine temperature monitoring, dilution & vial fill level, logistics tracking & audit trail
-Adult incontinence
-On-Body temperature monitoring
-Moisture monitoring in wound care
-Many other application potentials

AZN3200 Flexible Temperature Sensor

Temperature is a vital sign revealing a precious
insight for the health state of individuals. By continuously and non-invasively monitoring the
temperature over the skin as well as inside the
human body it is possible to detect and even
foresee diseases or altered health conditions such
as infections, repetitive trauma, and deep

More and more temperature monitoring is
required for access to public spaces and transportation hubs. Axzons wireless passive
sensors provide a quick and easy solution to
measure body temperature on thousands of
people quickly and discreetly without the need
for aiming an IR reader.

AZN3120 Moisture Detection Sensor for Healthcare

The AZN3120 is a wireless battery-free moisture sensor and is applied to the outside of garments and can detect the presence of liquid. This flexible non-contact moisture and liquid sensor does not need to be in direct contact with the liquid to function. Typical applications include incontinence monitoring for patient garments, liquid level detect in non-metallic containers, rain sensors and moisture detection for corrosion prevention.

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