Turn your manufacturing SMART with real-time data in the assembly process, or let new in-cabin sensors put you in the driver’s seat.

We understand your need to improve assembly quality while controlling warranty and rework costs. It’s an unfortunate reality that 3% of vehicles leave the factory with assembly issues and leaks. What’s worse is that these leaks cause mold growth and damage electronics, driving up the warranty repair costs. The secondary risk of recalls, class actions, and overall brand erosion are equally worrying.

When it comes to advanced features and accessories, new sensors for the passenger cabin are going to make our driving experiences richer, safer, and more comfortable. Wireless battery-free sensors can easily eliminate the wires that today are used to check whether doors and hatches are open. But what’s really exciting is these way sensors will connect drivers and passengers to the car itself for a more immersive, comfortable, and safe driving experience.

Automated Leak Detection

Let us help you stop leaking vehicles from slipping through the inspection process. Our wireless sensors provide a SMART manufacturing solution. Low-cost, low-profile sensors are placed directly on the vehicle chassis before the trim and carpeting are installed. After the vehicle moves through a high-pressure wash line, the sensors detect any water inside the vehicle. Dry vehicles move on for shipment, while the leaking vehicles are sent back for rework.

In-cabin Sensors

SMART in-cabin features have the potential to improve passenger comfort and safety while enriching the driving experience. Imagine if your vehicle could know your needs and wants. . . sometimes even before you do. In-cabin sensors can read a driver or passenger’s comfort, attention, and attitude, by sensing their motion and temperature. Paper-thin wireless sensors fit under seat coverings and feed essential data back to on-board systems.


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